Thursday, October 30, 2014

Norman Rockwell - images of a stolen America - the illustrations

I should have done this a long time ago, featured some of the voluminous political/societal art of the great American pipe smoker Norman Rockwell. Well, no pun intended, here are a few of my favourite Rockwell pieces from his Illustrations series. These stylised graphic pieces have an honest life and immediacy to them that's just properly alluring...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Free Planet - GRM or Global Resource Management - What Are We Gonna Do Without Money?

The world no longer has money in it.
Patents have been freed up from Private Control.
Borders to human creativity have been dragged down.
The earth is our ally in the war against slavery.
There's a whole world of ideas no longer restrained by COMMERCIAL PROFIT concerns.

"But what about the real jobs that need doing, around the world?"

What, like being a sewage worker? There'll be no sewers on Free Planet. Sewers are a throw-back to EMPIRE and CITIES. What about being a City Administrator, Business man, Receptionist? There are no cities on Free Planet. Cities are a throwback to INDUSTRY. There is no Industry, as such ... 'why' is explained by the release of Patents from private to public ownership. Industry equates with slavery-for-salt.

Those need-money jobs we import poorer (foreign) slaves into our Country for (then despise them) WON'T EXIST. Everybody is part of E.T.A. or Ethical Technological Application where alternatives to fossil fuels and industrial machinery are explored. Everyone has a say. Everyone creates.

Prejudice won't exist.
Slaves won't exist.
Country won't exist.

What's so bad about living without money?
So, you'll 'not work' any more, so what? If you don't grow food and find water and shelter for your 'family' you'll all die. I think people will want to work at specific things, like HAVING FUN and CREATING and MERELY EXISTING and SHARING this beautiful homeworld with every one and every thing.

Will you be unhappy living in non-land-locked 'floating' housing while the earth heals itself?
Will you be unhappy losing a generation or five, so that balance can be restored to the organic life of this planet?
Will you be unhappy using only Creativity, Passion and Kinship in your everyday dealings with your fellow human?

I ask all these things in the vain hope that MONEY ISN'T EVERYTHING to you all, but I have the fear. The fear that some of you now nothing else and will revert back to 'coinage' or 'currency' or 'barter' or some other form of 'ownership' or 'asset' at some point in the coming Free Planet ethical-technology experiment.

Look, it's simple - all the hoarders, all the deal-makers, all the bankers, all the global elites who're ruining this planet by 'ownership of what isn't theirs' WILL LOSE THEIR ASSETS; their stately homes, their right to STOLEN LAND as Private Asset. It's no use crying over 'spilt milk' (above image), just get on with living as a free human. People from all walks of life will have to adapt or die and soon, our children will learn that 'without money' can be so life-enhancing, far better than 'corporate slavery' for money (i.e. their profit).

The silent, floating, hydroponic Free Planet modular housing Diversities can gather for 'seasonal ceremonies' like no other social/communal gatherings mankind's ever seen; a place where all the latest in thought and action can be showcased for all of mankind. Creativity, passion and kinship SHARED for the planetary good. Lessons learned. Plans for the future, made.

Going where we want, as a global populace.
Believing what we want, as a global populace.
Doing what we really enjoying doing forever, as a global populace.

And we can do all this, and more, without spending a single cent!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

the Rosetta Mission - Ambition film - Tomek Bagiński

the Rosetta Mission website and the ESA are sponsoring this weird Ambition space-project pseudo-biopic:

Ambition is a collaboration between Platige Image and ESA. Directed by Tomek Bagiński and starring Aiden Gillen and Aisling Franciosi, Ambition was shot on location in Iceland, and screened on 24 October 2014 during the British Film Institute’s celebration of Sci-Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder, at the Southbank, London.

but, wouldn't 'liquid water' have boiled off during re-entry/impact of these water-laden comets?

ADDITIONAL CONTENT: here's a link to Jakub Mathia's concept art page for the above-mentioned short film, AMBITION.

Free Planet companion - The Research Notes of Miss Asalah Al Faghori - Custodian Manifesto

this 100-page Kindle publication offers a theorised supplement to events portrayed in the Chimericana Books published fictional novel Custodian (free planet #1) novel.

We meet central character Asalah Al Faghori who not only creates, inspires and manages the Custodian Liberation but is also the genetically enhanced host of the Natural Lottery show that infiltrates the GES or Global Evertainment System.

This digital diary of the Free Planet uprising allows us to witness her increasingly warped logical and frighteningly academic solution to the prison-world insanity of what she sees as the Corporate War Machine's ruination of her once-beautiful home world. We see how she comes to understand that only a 'rewilded' world, a 'de-consumerised' world, a 'jail broken' world can save mankind, as a supposed-Custodian race.

The owl-based cover refers back to the Messianic flavour of my 2008 novel Planet of the Owls but also alludes to the Moloch-worshipping i.e. Bohemian Grove's Skull & Bones, ritual symbology that will only really make its presence felt in Liberator (free planet #2) when it's all too late for our young heroine to attempt to rectify.

Monday, October 27, 2014

If space were a material - what would it be - universe of heliospherical atoms?

Why is space so big?

Have you ever looked at it? I mean, above, that's just our galaxy, the so-called Milky Way. And there are millions of galaxies within range, and millions more in clusters outside that.

Why does 'space' have to be so enormously enormous aka BIG?

And it got me to thinking, "You know that most of the stuff, most of the phenomenon we call MATTER, is just space," or the distance between cores. For example: if the electron shell of atom were the size of a football field, the proton/neutron nucleus would be the size of a flea on the 50-yard line! And that's a lot of a) space within and b) space without. Atoms rarely 'touch' in most media, even in outer space. They spend most of their time separated by quite enormous distance at ambient temperatures and pressures of space, even in the atoms in a cup of hot tea.

And what is the universe but a series of globular distances between atomic-cores, pin-pointed by the stars at their centres. Are these macroscopic galactic structures equatable with the microscopic molecular structures? And can we say 'what kind of material' the universe would be were it represented by these heliospherical 'star atoms'?

SUPPLEMENTARY THOUGHT: I'm (personally) very keen to see what Voyager I and II discover 'outside the atomic Sun boundary' layer or spheroid. Out in Deep Space, between the Stellar Atoms. 

London's British Museum - Japanese metalworker - Junko Mori

We had a lovely family day out in London, took in some of the tourist sights AND then the British Museum. We ended up in the Witches and Wicked Bodies exhibition of drawing and sketches. Upstairs from that was the Japanese exhibition where I discovered an artist I'd never seen before, Junko Mori.

Junko Mori is a Japanese metalworker. She was born in Yokohama, Japan in 1974. She graduated in from Musashino Art University in Tokyo in 1997 with her first BA in three-dimensional design. Mori then worked as a welder in a factory for one year.

Here is some of Junko's amazing art, sculpted from tiny cut leaves of black metal - it's truly inspirational and nature-based goodness (click to enlarge).

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Arx Pax Hendo - Marty McFly's singing-floating hover board arrives - the critics will pan it.

1) "'s nothing like Marty McFly's actual Back to the Future hoverboard."

2) "...and you'll need a metal road to ride it on."

that's what the whining-moron critics will say... not realising that modern cars work sufficiently well on 'their' specially laid roads. All this'll take is a few sheets of metal laid over the tarmac surface of The Profit Empire's ever-crumbling road network and then all our cars are (rather noisy) FLOATING CARS. Then we can all live in the gorgeous target-advertised thought-crime-prevented future-prison-cities of Steven Spielberg's MINORITY REPORT. Hell, yeah! Sign me up for that nasty soon-shithole right now.

The Hendo relies on the simple concept of using magnets to levitate the hoverboard over a metal surface, but the requirement of a special surface means you won’t be floating over water or concrete any time soon.
Founded by Jill and Greg Henderson, the Hendo uses their proprietary Magnetic Field Architecture system to focus the magnetic field so that the board can support the rider and cause the Hendo to hover over a 1-inch cushion of air. [source INFOWARS]

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Free Planet, Free Planet, Free Planet - say it three times - before profit kills you all

eat, eat, eat...
every day, THE PROFIT MAKING MACHINE commands that your children die in worthless wars for territory and asset; every day your children are ordered to fight other children in wars they have no comprehension of. Be they corporate war soldiers behind computer monitors or be they corporate war world soldiers behind pens that sign away treaties and countries ruined by all the above.

Do you get this, yet?

There is no other answer to the problems of humanity.
Not science, not religion, not dogma, not slavery, not conformity, not rebellion.
All these things pale into insignificance when you consider the patent-protected role of profit in the global War World scenario we're all living through.


And it is nothing more than that.
A game with its own infantile ruleset and its own immoral guidelines.


But no one will ever win - there'll always be losers. Businessmen, banks, corporations, leaders, empires all fail. Eventually, the PROFIT-MAKING GAME has an insatiable appetite for destruction. Why? Because it bears no relation to REAL; profit is a fabrication, a magic trick, a lie. For too long, this imposter in our lives has been allowed to butcher all it touches. Only answer...


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Humans Glow in Visible Light

a picture paints a thousand photons of human-emitted light

that's what researchers from Kyoto University's Tohoku Institute of Technology found.


To learn more about this faint visible light, scientists in Japan employed extraordinarily sensitive cameras capable of detecting single photons. Five healthy male volunteers in their 20s were placed bare-chested in front of the cameras in complete darkness in light-tight rooms for 20 minutes every three hours from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. for three days. 
The researchers found the body glow rose and fell over the day, with its lowest point at 10 a.m. and its peak at 4 p.m., dropping gradually after that. These findings suggest there is light emission linked to our body clocks, most likely due to how our metabolic rhythms fluctuate over the course of the day. [source LIVESCIENCE]

NB: this is not the heat-vision that night-vision goggles pick up. This is light emitted from the body's processes. The 'angle' of this story is that, "If we can see the light emitted from our internal processes," we have at our fingertips an almost-instantaneous analytical tool for Human Health.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

CITIZENFOUR - the Edward Snowden documentary - official trailer

that's the official poster, now here's the official trailer, for the new Edward Snowden documentary CITIZENFOUR by Laura Poitras and Steven Soderbergh.

At the end of the Laura Poitras doc, the famed informant registers shock over another who outranks him. A second National Security Agency whistleblower exists within the ranks of government intelligence... [source THR] to be continued(?)

POST-OSCARS 2015 NEWS: Laura Poitras, a founding editor of The Intercept, won the Best Documentary Academy Award for “Citizenfour,” an inside look at Edward Snowden, the National Security Agency whistleblower.

“The disclosures that Edward Snowden revealed don’t only expose a threat to our privacy but to our democracy itself,” Poitras said in her acceptance speech. 
“Thank you to Edward Snowden for his courage and for the many other whistleblowers.” Snowden, in a statement released after the award was announced, said, “My hope is that this award will encourage more people to see the film and be inspired by its message that ordinary citizens, working together, can change the world.” [source FIRSTLOOK]

Thunderbolts Project - Rosetta/Osiris orbiter - water and mass of Comet 67P

10km orbiting radius of 67P achieved 10/10/14

Thunderbolts Project proposes that our universe is not a matter universe, driven by gravity, but an Electric Universe driven by charge and the properties of bodies moving through electric fields like those generated by our electric sun... obviously, it's getting stiff opposition from the standard-universe atomic-modellers keen to keep their research grants but it's kinda interesting to see this debate taking place, pseudo-live.

No surface water (yet) on the 4 kilometre dirty snowball rock that is 67P... but how dense is that rock?

"What will happen if institutional science is finally willing to test the electric universe theory of comets and comet origins?" Thunderbolts Project asks.

SERCO - the biggest company you've never heard of

very interesting Aussie editorial about the company SERCO, the biggest company you've never heard of. Sure, this short video is a little old already but it aptly illustrated how the private infiltration of public services was rampant even then. God only knows how much more infiltrated it all is today.

As long as there's (amoral (fascist (gov-given))) PROFIT to be made, this'll keep getting worse and worse, "Free Planet."

Friday, October 10, 2014

Who am I? What is life? Why don't I feel real any more?

Free Planet is a strange beast, it goes into the dark places normal blogs tend to shy away from. And that's a good thing. But (in a similar vein) it's also a dangerous thing, a precarious balancing game. And here's why.

I've just written this piece of sobbing self-exploratory for the core character of my Kumiko (war world #3) novel, and I think it's just a little too close to the bone of HOW I REALLY FEEL about the horror we call living. Here's the chapter: please, don't take it too literally. Even though that's what it is.

who is that stranger?
I don't feel real any more.
This thing, this body, this brain, this personality, this 'me'. It doesn't feel like mine, any more.
I'm a trained lab animal, a monkey without fur, a nothing entity with transferable skills that lead me to obscene conclusions about 'your world' and it's not your fault - it's all my fault for not seeing it earlier in 'my life'. I suspect I could have saved more of you from yourselves. I hope I could have been there for you, when you erupted from your chrysalis, into real-ness. Into space.
I'm the everyman, the everytime, the everyday; I can be useful, helpful, compassionate, jolly, infantile, mature and sick, and insane, and not worth knowing. Or I can save you all. I can split every atom or heal any hole or wound or rupture or damage. Like a tool to fix a breakage or a pill to cure an ill. But I'll never be me.
Me - you have no idea what 'me' is, do you? Think of ghosts of former selves we've never known, meshing together momentarily to satisfy either side of an equation. That's all we are, ghosts on one side of the divide looking in on the unimaginable sum.
I'll never be that class of thing that really knows itself. I'll never be self-sentient, because NONE OF US ARE. We're all constructs of our upbringing, shards of someone else's work, little fragments of a thousand broken holograms of a million former lives and cultures and influences and non-logic. Il-logic. Part of the mind-game, random conglomerations of fate. Cogs within a million machines, nothing more than not-who-we-think-we-are. Lost, in some dark place. Un-us. Un-me. Un-real.

As long as we think we're real, none of us will be saved.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

James Corbett: When False Flags Don't Fly

more Global Economy False Flag boogey-man-ism from TPTB, outlined by the ever-pertinent James Corbett: crack on sheoplezzz -- keep funding your own slavery.

Those who have studied history know that nothing invigorates and empowers an authoritarian regime more than a spectacular act of violence, some sudden and senseless loss of life that allows the autocrat to stand on the smoking rubble and identify himself as the hero. It is at moments like this that the public—still in shock from the horror of the tragedy that has just unfolded before them—can be led into the most ruthless despotism: despotism that now bears the mantle of "security." [source CORBETT]

Freemasons Exposed - seven part accusatory dialectic - PronStarKilluminati

welcome to this Superior Megapost from Ulterior Paranoid World, and today's topic is Freemasons.

The thing that sticks out (if any of this shit is true) is the number of so-called sworn enemies sharing the Freemasonic Goodies of this raped and starved and over-worked world.

Watch who handshakes who, and how...

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Michael Hastings - CIA Swiss Banks - funding Terror Groups

prior to his death murder, Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings was working on... you can't even make this shit up any more. CIA Swiss Banks funding Terror Groups. Brand new testimony from an industry insider.

Scott Bennett is a U.S. Army Special Operations Officer (11th Psychological Operations Battalion, Civil Affairs-Psychological Operations Command), and a global psychological warfare-counterterrorism analyst, formerly with defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton. [source CAMELOT]

Speaking to Kerry Lynn Cassidy of Project Camelot, Scott Bennett discusses his book SHELL GAME: A Military Whistleblowing Report to the U.S. Congress Exposing the Betrayal and Cover-Up by the U.S. Government of the Union Bank of Switzerland-Terrorist Threat Finance Connection to Booz Allen Hamilton and U.S. Central Command.

obvious caveat: this guy is a counter-intelligence and psychological-warfare specialist.

Friday, October 03, 2014

Dwayne Johnson to star in new Baywatch film - Maroon 5 Animals - sex sells


as this is the Free Planet blog, dealing with art and literature of an alternative or anti-corporate nature, I've been getting some weird spikes in hits whenever I plump for one of these mainstream media stories or forthcoming-film trailers.

I must admit, I'm more than a little confused by the Free Planet (covert) readership and the supposed 385 Members of this blog. This is not even a joke, it's a legitimate concern of mine. Well, let's go for the ultimate in banal testage and together enjoy this MEGA-RIPE story borrowed directly from our non-affiliate Sky News.

no trailer yet...
Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock has confirmed he is to star in a big screen adaptation of the hit television series Baywatch.

The actor posted a message on Instagram saying: "This is my beach b****!" Rumours are true ... we're making #BAYWATCH the movie. [source SKYNEWS]

Paramount Pictures has (allegedly, snuffle) been trying to make this film for a number of years, and now they just might. K-rist!

M2WS or MASS MIND-WASH SUPPLEMENTAL: while we're busy catering to the lowest common social denominator, Maroon 5 apparently has a new video out called ANIMALS that caters to the blood-sex and meat-photos market -- normal Free Planet transmission will resume after this cheap and nasty video has been 'digested' by my audience.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Born of a virgin, under three kings, crucified and resurrected...

this is an ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT explanation of the Ancient Sun Worship i.e. astrological farming relevance being the basic cover story for Jesus, he being the most recent adaptation of this tale.

Question is: Who are this non-country-based Elite Sect, Controlling Power or Ruthless Profit Masters who are propagating this Solar Myth into Our Future and benefiting from these SIMs or Successive Invented Messiah's? That's where the 'real control of the people' resides, with these M3s or Meandering Myth Makers, or Enforcers of the Lie.

To be truly free of this tyranny, we must OUT the regurgitators of these astrological/pagan stories - or we will be forever enslaved.

BONUS HISTORIAN PERSPECTIVE: the following video emerged via the UNCG Atheists, Agnostics, and Skeptics Society where Dr. Richard Carrier presented his research into the historicity of Christ. via various threads including Agricultural Cultism i.e. Ancient Sun Worship. It's good to learn, no? That's the role of Free Planet - our modern species's Naked Lunch.