Thursday, October 19, 2017

David Talbott - Alien Sky - a remember'd age of gods and wonders

I know, I know, Saturn can't be our old (plasma sheathing, eternal daylight, brown dwarf) star the ancient writings, engravings and beliefs mentioned. It has too many 'stay away' messages from those who would rule our minds via Hollywood and Religion, and Science.

"Stay away from Saturn," I'm paraphrasing Arthur C Clarke here of course, but it fits.

Satan lives there, with his various demons and other dark underlings who will rip your delicate soul to shreds for energy.... or does he? Is the whole Satanism Cultism just an invented cover story to 'keep our mind from considering' these ancient myths about the realm of the sky gods i.e. planets in close (electrical) proximity, when our star might have been 'some other burnished entity' dominant in our sky that our present yellow sun and planetary arrangements really don't compare with?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Suspicious Observers - Strong Solar-Climate Link Discovered - Open Peer Review

but what's the circuit look like?

What circuit?

The twin-flow of Birkelund Currents i.e. electrical circuit, that links the Amundsen Sea Low Pressure Data to THE SUN's variable output via sunspots.

This SUN-EARTH circuit is also looking like it DRIVES seismicity and vulcanology on this rock, too. What, our nearest electric-star has an effect on our electric-planet as we pass through its electric-field? Yes, why not?

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Pierre-Marie Robitaille - The Solar Spectrum - why the Sun is not a ball of gas

Yes, I've featured some of Pierre-Marie Robitaille's work before, and he has had MANY SCIENTIFIC PAPERS published in numerous peer-reviewed science magazines.

Hydrogen glows in the red spectrum...

When Pierre-Marie Robitaille talks about the solar spectrum i.e. that kind of light coming off our nearest star, matching that of black body radiation know that he's not talking about light from a gaseous mass, he's talking about the black body radiation of any cavity found in nature.

"The photosphere is formed of CONDENSED MATTER i.e. plasma, not gas,"  Pierre-Marie Robitaille paraphrasial unquote.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Ancient Voyagers - Scandinavians traded with Native Canadians - 1700 BC

global seaworthiness is not a recent innovation, neither is astro-navigation, if we're to believe the well-documented evidence in the following (old) video...  seriously interesting stuff. Three thousand years BEFORE the so-called first-European i.e. Christopher Columbus.

In fact, the ancient Norse pre-oggam language used in engravings found on a limestone slab in Ontario show EXACTLY when they were done by analysis of precessional dating of the symbols and images carved... names are named. I love this stuff.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

9/11 - Rebekah Roth - her testimony is still valid sixteen years later

I don't understand why you'all don't hang on EVERY WORD of this ex-air hostess's research into the out-of-character reactions, phone calls, ancilliary agents in the fake war on you and me and everybody not in the WAR WORLD gameplan...

Why are you still in doubt that 9/11 (the incidents of September 11th 2001 when three buildings fell into their own footprints because two planes hit them) and probably 7/7 (7th July 2005 when London got multi-bombed by people who couldn't possibly have caught the trains they said they caught) and probably still 11/3 (which is the 11th March 2004 Madrid train bombing) were set up by OUR OWN PEOPLE so that certain laws and restrictions and profit-gains could be ensured for the REAL WAR GAMERS?

Ptech (situational software) is a great gross-narrative creator... look it up. It's great stuff.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Electric Universe - UFO crop circles - Earth plasma communications?

would a faker really render orbs
off the visible frame?

Crop Circles, we all know what this means... or do we?

What if the (debunked, lol) Oliver's Castle August 1996 footage of pairs of flying plasma orbs making a crop circle are 'some electrical manifestation of the Earth trying to communicate some message to some lifeformm on our planet'?

Hell, such communication-crop circles might not even be a message for mankind...

Do the creators of EU-crop circles even know we exist? Who are these mathematically stunning cryptic message in fields of corn, rape, barley etc. even for? How can some organic Gaia-like phenomenon that these crop circles started out as in the 1980s have evolved to the immense mazelike acreages we see in more recent times? Who's teaching what to whom? Who are the flyers and whom is their message really for? ANd why crop? Why water? Why ley lines?

Is the state-sponsored Oliver's Castle debunking scam finally in the process of being debunked? Patty Greer thinks so...

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Mike Philbin - Introversions & Dichotomies - first art sale of the year

It was my first exhibition of works in this recent abstract style, chosen to exhibit in this year's Oxford Arts Society Exhibition. As the show finishes today, I was planning to go pick up the painting(s) from the gallery this evening.

Earlier today, I recieved a phone call from Lucy Stopford telling me I don't need to go collect. The buyer wanted to know 'how much space' should there be between each painting. I said NONE, let them kiss - like the image of the two canvases, above.

A cheque's on its way, and surely this bodes well for my forthcoming December-January show at Blackwell's bookshop cafespace here in Oxford through Xmas 2017 where there will be a lot more of these kinds of things to choose from.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

dream - five brain implants - increasing level of pain

don't even bother asking me a) why I blog about this stuff or b) what I think it all might mean... I have no idea.

Suffice to say, at 5:00 this morning I woke up. I had been dreaming. I forced myself to wake up. It was already a very strange dream about implants.

Straight metal needle inserted liberally into the right carotid, but then it 'clunked' as it found a spot somewhere up the complex canal of the artery. Was this inside the brain? Had it self-guided and located? The doctor was very comforting, explaining how one might feel a little discomfort. And he was right. But it was bearable.

Then the second implant. Cant' remember if it was also with needle up carotid but this one smelled funny, like he was altering pathways of scent. All the time the doctor is explaining, with increasing levels of pain description how it would feel. Yep, it felt uncomfortable.

Then the cranial insertions started. Through the skull with the living needle. All on the right side of the head. From back to front on that lobe. The patient is alive and aware and crying after third insertion. The doctor still sympathetic, if purely practical. The fourth needs more of a push and slams into place somewhere in the brain like a balljoint into a socket. The fifth...

Now, this is where it gets unbearable. The fifth insertion, pre-inserted onto the skull, is short and stubby like a bullet. I know that if that goes in any further it's going to destroy everything. The doctor shows the HAMMER he's going to use to activate it. I just wake up...  can't remember if I was the patient or the doctor.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Electric Universe - artificial coal formation - ages of dinosaurs shrink

as you'all know, I've become a bit of a(n EU or) Electric Universe nut.  

Now, EU (along with YPS - Yeahright Planetary Stencilling) suggests that the Earth, and the Sun, and Galaxies are formed by pairs of electrical Birkeland Currents roaming through space dumping out high-red-shift plasmas that condense to low-red-shifted matter over time.

While modern geological science prefers long-slow plate tectonics and long-slow sedimentary rock formation to explain how long we've inhabited our position in the 'goldilocks zone' around the sun, EU and YPS suggest a catastrophic (invasionist) geology that could have took place within a planetary transition period when our world shifted from 'star' to 'star' as recently as 24,000 years or less.

Now, the following video is from a load of Noah's Ark or Creationist nuts who believe all our water came from below, and that's okay. Everyone can have their theory about how they massage the evidence in to a case. The EU's and the YPS's are nothing different; they're all making a case, in the evidential universe we call PROOF, their excuse is 'all the water' camae from Earth's once-parent i.e. proto-Saturn.

So, with that caveat in mind, watch how these Biblical idiots add fuel to my lovely EU or YPS fire and that (somehow) makes me mischievously happy. Oh, and dinosaurs and humans living together... yeah, that thing again.

Okay, while I'm battering this DINOSAURS AND HUMANS living together issue, try this additional piece from The Creationist Mob that's still rattling on about 'Earth is 6,000 years old' and (the Electric Universe) agrees that they might be right. Forget the scripted formulation of the Noah Flood in the forthcoming video and remember that plasma-discharging stars will produce massive amounts of (Na-Cl i.e. salty) WATER.

Where the Creationists talk about God's seven day wand-swirling creativity act, the EU-scientists are talking about the separation of Earth from its orbit of proto-Saturn to its current orbit around our Sun. All of which might have taken place within the 6,000 years window. Electric mountains and sedimentary layerings i.e. rock, are all creatable (electrically) in moments, so why not...

Soi, am I a Creationist now? No. Am I a Intelligent Designist? No. Am I a believer that 'aliens' or 'some form of higher (annunaki?) intelligence' manufactured all the life on this world? No. I'm examining the possibilities of the universe based on the available evidence. The evolutionists do it. The creationists do it. The Annunaki-ists do it.

I wonder if/when the Electric Universe-ists will find enough data to throw at the TRUTH? Let's remember, "We know exactly nothing," unquote.

Robert Sepehr - Astrotheology - five vowels of seven...

THE SEVEN DEITIES, as Manly P Hall describes the seven planets we had in our pantheon BEFORE THEY WERE DEIFIED or refered to as Gods.

These seven wanderers, these seven planets, became the seven vowels of language. Oh, we know there are only FIVE vowels today* but in the past it was different, W and Y were once used. The sky was VERY DIFFERENT in those times too and, "Saturn ate its children." Maybe two of the seven were absorbed back into electrically discharging grand-daddy Saturn, friend of twin-star Jupiter, as we were all absorbed into the Solar System.

Looking back at ancient art, seven-rayed hints at a HIDDEN eightth ray. ;)

*CYMRU pronounced Khumri i.e. Wales, of the Welsh: this extremely ancient pre-Romance language uses ALL SEVEN VOWELS, aeiou and the wy and I was quite surprised more Welsh-speaking people didn't point this out to me (several weeks after this blogpost went live).

PS: with a nod to the Electric Universe, the serpents or long-tailed birds/dragons of ancient mythology, the burning red tail of the planet Venus might have made mountains on Earth and murdered all living animals over ten tonnes less than 24,000 years ago. Overnight...

Of course, you'might'all like this additional Sepehr presentation on the Occult History of Mesopotamia. where I personally think he fucking nails it. Enjoy, fellow students of REALITY... enjoy!